Thursday, May 11, 2006

Talking to the man

We have went prime time!

OK, so I exaggerate a bit. Not prime time, but we made the news. Fittingly enough, the print news [We could have made the TV news as well, but I would not know, as I do not watch TV].

Yesterday morning, less than 6 hours after posting the previous post [after weeks of silence on my part], I received a call from the daily paper about...the subject of my previous blog entry. The only conclusion I can draw is that my humble blog is read in the upper echelons of the Commercial Appeal management.

Well, I answered his questions truthfully and, while I am always a bit nervous about talking to the press [comes from my experience years ago when I worked for the Memphis Fire Department. If you were at a given place, and a reporter was at a given place, you could bet $100 they would take a picture of you at the exact time you were breaking some inane regulation, and you could further bet that the day the story ran would be the one day of the year your supervisor would buy a paper and read it], I felt he was being straight with me.

I told him nothing I have not told you, gentle readers, here in the pages of this, my humble blog. I did not bash anyone, I resisted the impulse to go into Saturday Morning Wrestling mode and tell how I am the greatest. Actually, I talked more than anything about bookselling [my favorite subject].

So, if you see my name in print this weekend, have no fear. I will still be humble and will not let it go to my head, and I promise to never wear tights and challenge anyone to a cage match.

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