Saturday, April 01, 2006


I am a technophobe. I don't want to be, but I am. Donna ( aka she who must be obeyed) is decidedly not. We recently wanted a load of sand for the yard. I was looking for the yellow pages, she had already googled and had a list of 5 suspects. For Sand.

So, imagine my surprise when I started googlin' myself and searched for bookshops in Memphis and saw my poor little blog, just sitting there in the search results. And via various wizardry with different sites, searches, cetera ( there may have been chicken bones waved about, for all I know) I was told that 17 different sites link to this blog. For something that has had no promotion (until this week, more info on that in a bit) I think that is not bad at all. So, if you linked to us, Thank You.

We have had little flyers made up that give the web address for the blog and say DOWNTOWN BOOKS IS COMING. Richard has a bunch at the Tobacco Bowl if you want to get some and stick them on you bulletin board at work, church, to slip in your lover's purse when they are not looking (that is what I do with the phone bill), be creative. We really do need your help to spread the word about the new bookstore and what we are trying to accomplish.



Downtown Books will carry magazines! This is something I have resisted, quite honestly. I prefer long, lengthy tomes to quick soundbites, but in my walks about the community, over and over I have been asked. It seems that with the passing of World News a while back, downtowners are missing their magazines. Yes, I know Tower Records has a large selection, but what if you want a magazine without directions for getting your tongue pierced? I rest my case.

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