Saturday, May 13, 2006

For our new Visitors

A recent (OK, it was this morning, actually) study of our statistics shows that now over 100 sites link to us here (primarily other bookseller's cool is that?) and we get way more hits per day than I ever believed possible. (Tell the truth...some of you are telling your friends about us, aren't you?)

So, I thought periodically, it would make sense to remind you (and to inform the newbies) that while you are all waiting patiently for the opening of Downtown Books, I encourage you to come to our Midtown location, called, appropriately enough, Midtown Books. We have a wide range of books in stock, from out-of-print Histories to recent bestsellers. We have Shelby Foote's personal copies of some of his greatest work, all signed by him (with his penned-in notes) for sale and on display. The Book Elves (AKA the staff) has been voted (admittedly, by themselves) to be the nicest bookstore staff in Memphis.

We are located at 2027 Madison Avenue, just up from Overton Square, across the street from the Blue Monkey. We open at 11 during the week and on Saturday and at 1 on Sunday (we are closed on Monday).

If you need directions to the store, please give us a call at 901-726-0039.

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