Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Acquiring books, and phase 1 begins...

Well, it has begun. We arranged yesterday to purchase a large collection (our largest ever, actually) of over 7,000 hardcover first editions in all genres, from history to Literature to mysteries and thrillers. A great client of mine from Chicago is forced to sell his house since his wife is entering a nursing home, and in his new apartment he will have no room for his books. I had mentioned the new store to him, and he made us an incredible offer on them, so we finalized the deal yesterday. Unfortunately, I need to take possession before the end of March, so they may end up in a storage building for a few weeks until we get the new store finished enough to house them.

At our Midtown location, meanwhile, this weekend is when we do our huge remodel in preparation for the upcoming second location. Because of this, we will be closed Sunday the 12th through Tuesday the 14th, opening regular hours on Wednesday (we hope!).

I will post pictures later today.

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