Thursday, March 16, 2006

Of the making of books, there is no end...

At least, that is what the author of Ecclesiastes said, and after this week, I believe him.

In preparation for opening the Downtown store, we remodeled our Midtown Location, hoping to make it more browser friendly. When we opened this store, it had been a bookshop before (Bonnie's Books, you may recall...Or you may not. They were only open for about 9 months or so) and with us having limited funds but limitless capacity for fun, made do with the existing shelves.

Well no more! This time I am having the store I want, not one that is imposed upon me. So, we closed for 3 days, gutted the shelves, painted the walls, built shelves, popped blisters (from building the shelves, you understand) and built ...err, rebuilt us a bookshop.

So, we are open...Sort of. Things are still a wreck, as you can well imagine. But, books are mainly on the shelves and some sections are even in alphabetical order, no less. The Book Elves are tired and dragging (as am I), but we are still here, selling the odd book or two.

I have been promising pics, so here are a few of the chaos that was this week. When we get it respectable again, I will show you some after pictures.

In the photo below, the incredibly attractive female in the grey shirt is Donna, AKA She For Whom The Sun Rises. The Chunky Balding guy hanging out with her is the lucky sod that gets to wake up next to her each morning.

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